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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Expert Air Conditioning Services

The annual cost of deferred maintenance is $5 million, higher for some companies. When you start to react to issues, rather than taking proactive measures to check, repair and upgrade existing systems, you could potentially increase costs 30 times more than the initial maintenance costs.

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As a business owner or facility manager, you’re always looking for ways to streamline operations and reduce costs. With both budget and time restrictions, it’s common for organizations to defer, or postpone, system maintenance to a later budget cycle in order to minimize expenses and increase cashflow. However, deferred maintenance can lead to:

  • More unplanned expenses.
  • More safety risks.
  • More system downtime.
  • More production bottlenecks.
  • More missed profit opportunities.

Why You Should Invest in Ongoing HVAC System Maintenance

Cooling contribute to about half of a facility’s energy costs. Without regular upkeep, a HVAC system will perform less efficiently, costing you more in the long run. System components will break down over time, which will force your HVAC system to work harder and more often.

Seemingly simple, air filter selection and maintenance are also essential to your HVAC system’s performance and longevity. Your filters directly affect airspeed, filter resistance, system life, fan efficiency, energy efficiency, and overall cost. Creating a proactive process for filter maintenance and replacement alone is critical for your business’ budget and operations, and can significantly reduce your deferred maintenance backlog.

Be Proactive With Your HVAC Maintenance

Don’t react to issues. Create a preventative maintenance strategy to minimize the time and money spent on total indoor comfort. When it’s time to schedule regular maintenance, contact Plumber Experts - HVAC Services for assistance. Our company provides a range of expert commercial HVAC solutions for businesses across all of Winter Garden, FL & the surrounding areas. Call 407-375-1100 to get started.

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Reviews & Testimonials

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Winter Garden
  • Kathy Q.

    I am temporarily disabled and cannot put any weight on my right leg at this time. I recently made contact with Tom of Plumbing By Tom. The job was much more complex than I thought (of course) and therefore much more expensive. I decided to wait and see about another alternative. In the meantime Tom didn't forget about me and called to let me know of something that might help me for the next few weeks or so. It was very simple and is exactly what I need to take a bath/shower and can use it until I can put my weight on the foot and be able to use the separate shower. I truly appreciate him and will use him for all of my plumbing needs in the future.

  • Jake M.

    I wanted to drop a RAVE for someone who really came through for us twice in the last week. Tom Bofinger with Plumbing by Tom has gone above and beyond, along with his guy Devlin (which has an incredible veteran story) has come through when our regular plumbers ( Hurricane Plumbing & Repair LLC , and Horizon West Plumbing & Gas ) have been so busy they weren't able to drop everything and come running because they are so committed to this community. This area now has 3 amazing plumbing companies that have all proven to be remarkable in response and care. Thank you to all of you and your staff. And a huge thank you for Tom, for deciding to offer his services in this area. Not all heros wear capes!

  • MA Bow

    HUGE Thank you to our friend and neighbors Tom Bofinger for coming when called for an emergency!!! I came home to find a flood in my backyard, no water in my home Yellowstone took out my main waterline to the house with the lawnmower They did not come to let us know, they did not let their boss or Kaitie know, so water blasted the house and yard for over an hour til we realized what happened. Tom was able to come and replace what was needed quickly. His associate Devlin did a great job repairing/replacing the damaged pieces with a better quality product. Also, letting me know someone had poorly repaired it before. He was professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with! Thank you for all your help making a bad situation a great experience
  • Rilla T.

    BIG RAVE and many thanks to Plumbing by Tom. Betty J’s Florist had a plumbing issue on Friday and was in need of a snake. Tom sent his Lead Plumbing Tech Devlin Miller to the shop immediately after Jake from the Small Business Alliance sent out an Emergency SOS. The problem was solved in a very short time in a very professional way. We were a shop full of women on Friday and everyone was having a problem with no bathroom to use. I absolutely have a new plumber to call and won’t hesitate if there’s another problem. Thank you Tom and thank you Devlin.
  • Mandy Nardi P.

    We just finished our pool project and I wanted to share some of the great companies we worked with in case others have a similar project. We used two companies owned by Summerlake residents for services, tree removal by Kevin's Tree Service and natural gas hookup by Plumbing by Tom. Our pool was designed and built by Dreamscapes Pools and Spas, LLC. And landscaping by Brosscape LLC.
  • H. McKenzie

    Tom communicated with me quickly and scheduled an appointment for the next day. The service was efficient and reasonably priced. If I need any other plumbing services, I will call him again!
  • Bob P.

    Another outstanding job by Plumbing by Tom! Made time tonight after a busy day to get me back to normal. Want the Tom for all your plumbing needs.
  • J. Dickinson

    Tom is so nice. He assessed the problem right away and gave me a very reasonable estimate. Can’t believe how quickly I was scheduled. He had all of the necessary supplies on the truck the day of so everything went smoothly. Matt was very kind and did a great job!! Feels great knowing he’s there if I ever have an issue.